TED Fellow Naomi Natale lays One Million Bones on the National Mall


What a great experience

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This weekend, thousands gathered in Washington, DC, to help lay one million handmade representations of human bones — 1,018,260 bones, to be exact — on the National Mall. This breathtaking installation created a haunting river of bones leading to the US Capitol, and represents the culmination of a nearly five-year social activism project imagined by TED Fellow Naomi Natale. The mass grave makes a dramatic petition against ongoing genocide and mass atrocities in Sudan, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burma, Syria and Somalia.

The bones were made over a period of years by artists, activists and schoolchildren and educators around the world. TED Fellows and photographers Teru Kuwayama and Camille Seaman are on hand to document the event — their images are featured below. The bones will be gathered up on Monday afternoon following a full program of activities. For more details on Naomi and the One Million…

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